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International Trade and Investment Specialist

Job Description

To design and manage a global trade network as part of larger development frameworks for specific regions.

Orchard Sloane Trading is seeking experienced Trade and Investment specialists to design and implement programmes for promoting trade, investment and education linkages across several industries, especially between Africa and Asia. Specific duties and responsibilities include providing expert technical assistance; identifying and facilitating trade, investment and collaboration opportunities in regions of operations; designing structure for collaborative work relationships with partners; and overseeing implementation of activities.

Key Areas of Responsibaility

  1. Working experience in developing countries
  2. In-depth knowledge and a practical experience of investment promotion programmes
  3. Good knowledge of trade and investment development issues and policies in Asia/Africa. Knowledge of West African and Ecowas Trade (Very Important)
  4. Familiarity with public and private sector development support programmes and donor practices.

Required Skills

Fluent in English, Yoruba and Igbo

Strong communication skills - both written and verbal.

"Can-do" attitude.

A very high level of attention to detail and accuracy is vital.

Organised and efficient.

Strong team player.